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Address of production plant: No. 3 Road of Botou Industry Region, Hebei
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Hebei CPPCC Chairman Liu Dewang came to Beiguang Electric Power Co., Ltd. to have a review and guidance.


Sept. 7-9, Hebei CPPCC Chairman Liu Dewang came to Botou accompanying by the leaders named Guo Hua, Liu Xueku, Kuang Hongzhi and Li Jizhong to have investigation and survey in terms of deeply studying carrying out the scientific development outlook and the activity of “Cadre style Construction Year”.

During the period of investigation and survey, Some leaders including Liu Dewang came to Jia Village, Haocun Town, Botou to live with the villagers. They also inquire villagers’ income, talk about policies, development, condole the poor families and have a discussion with two commissions, Party members, vallager representatives. Subsequently, Liu Dewang also reviewed some enterprises including Xingda Auto Mould Manufactory, Hebei Beiguang Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and the promotion situation of “Great Changes within Three Years” in Botou. Liu Dewang also came to Qiqiaoyafeng Base Park to investigate agricultural industrial construction.

During the investigation, Botou Municipal secretary Guo Hua, Botou CPPCC Chairman Kuang Hongzhi and main principals in Botou have reported economic and social development situation in Cangzhou and Botou, activity of deeply studying and carrying out scientific development outlook, deploying situation of the activity of “Cadre Style Construction Year”, CPPCC’s fulfilling functions and enhancing construction, respectively.

Liu Dewang required to further and deeply implement studying and carrying out scientific development outlook activity and "Cadre Style Construction Yeas" activity, adequately exert leading cadres' role model, closely contact with fact, try best to solve the prominent issues of affecting and restricting scientific development outlook, further perfect mechanism and system and constantly lead the studying and carrying out scientific development outlook activity and "Cadre style Construction Year" activity into deep degree when adequately confirming all aspects of work in Cangzhou and Botou. Liu Dewang pointed out the first important task of development shall be grasped firmly. Botou shall make a good effort in developing mechanical equipment manufacturing, grasp opportunities have earnest research, have elaborate design, contact with local practice to establish countermeasures and make good effort to realize the large development and rapid development in equipment manufacturing. Botou shall make good effort in boosting "Great Changes within Three Years" for looks of cities and towns, further execute urban planning well, improve urban culture grade, insist on human foremost and carry out this project complying with public's opinion. Botou shall try its best in enhancing "Three Issues of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Peasants" work. Botou shall implement Central government's large policy and guide line about "Three Issues of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Peasants" work earnestly and shall try its best to expand peasants' employment space and largely boost agricultural industrialization process.

Liu Dewang required all-level CPPCC shall make promoting smooth and rapid development economy as chief task and make maintaining social harmony and stability as the important responsibility. All-level governments shall focus in large situation, accurately grasp overall situation, obey and serve overall situation, make a contribution to deal with risks and challenges and boost scientific development. All-level government shall hold the guide line of expanding internal demands, keeping growth, adjusting structure, improving level, grasping reform, enhancing liveliness, focusing on people’s livelihood and keeping harmony and shall fulfill all of function more adequately and comprehensively. The governments shall use new effects to drive the new development of all of careers.